What makes Katalon Studio more powerful than any other Selenium based Frameworks?

As a test automation engineer, we should always consider a few cornerstones before employing a tool to automate our products. As you know the primary benefits of test automation are reusability, scalability, improving test coverage, time and effort saving. Quite many of us say, using Selenium integrated with other third party tools would achieve all the above cornerstones. But still, we have a few drawbacks. Let’s see how Katalon Studio turns to a magic wand solving test automation difficulties.

Challenge to Selenium/Appium based Frameworks

Let’s say we need to automate a modern application which has web UI, a mobile app and web services. Applying test automation for this application takes much time and effort for coding to automate test scenarios, publishing content from the web UI and verifying the same content in the database & from web services, the same process is required for the mobile app on Android and iOS platforms. Making this more challenging, open-source automation solutions like Selenium require various third party tools needed to be integrated and configured. Continue reading


Katalon Studio for Test Automation – Simple & Powerful

Recently I came to know a Tester/Developer friendly Test Automation tool Katalon Studio. I am really impressed with the provided features of Katalon Studio 4.5. I have seen all features which are required for Test Automation. I can say this is a comprehensive Test Automation Tool, a cluster of Selenium, Appium, QTP, SOAPUI for both Web & Mobile Apps testing.

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Simple REST API Testing Framework

Even though there are several REST API Testing Frameworks available in the market today, they may not always suite your application, or may need modifications based on your requirements. This may call for the creation of your own rest testing framework.
We will be creating a simple Rest Testing Framework in Java and JUnit that could be used for any testing scenarios.


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Tellurium gonna be New Era of Test Automation?

I know this gonna be one of the controversial articles, but still this is just my notion or you call it as Apprehension. 
Many professionals here have asked me about this ‘Tellurium‘ though I was novice and left dogmatic. To be honest, I’m one of the lovers of Selenium but still we should all agree that it’s a tedious process to design a Framework. So, I just wanted to put a Grin on Tester’s face whoever reads this article. 

People who haven’t heard ‘Tellurium‘, take a look at my article here. This is an  open source too.

We all knew, in order to automate any web based application, Pragmatically we need to adopt or design a good framework. And we have many frameworks out there. I could name Page Object Model, Data Driven, Modular Driven, TestNG blah blah. Moreover to reduce manual effort we’ve started using CI for scheduling. You know, all these frameworks putting together makes you to achieve Automation. I can say that Tellurium has inbuilt frameworks

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What’s my open source tool for Mobile App test automation?

That small, mobile but not so little device we’re all holding in our hands is a powerful thing. Its ability to completely takeover our lives is astonishing, technology wise, it’s all the talk and rave.  Companies use it, you’re probably using it right now – maybe not to read this article, but it’s definitely not too far away.

Those devices we all use, operate on software that we expect to always work, and when it doesn’t – we get irritated.

In order for any device to work properly, all the software that makes it tick, should be tested. Undiscovered bugs or regressions can cause enormous losses for a company and frustrate your target audience.

However, the need for automating mobile application tests, as well as tests for any other platform (web or desktop) was never a consensus. There are several reasons for automation, such as speed of testing, coverage and scalability – automated tests can be performed by a computer much faster than by human hands, cover much wider scenarios and all this can be done concurrently on various environments, configurations and devices. In addition, automation reduces costs – using computers as resources cost less than using human hands. So if it’s so important, what are the right tools that will allow creating, maintaining, managing, executing and easily analyzing results?

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How Tellurium Made My Job Easy ?

As a Test Automation Engineer, I always look for the best & easiest way to test an application. I was evidently vexed designing suitable Selenium frameworkstellurium for the application under test. While in search of automation tools, I recently came across Tellurium a web based automation tool. I was amazed with the work done by Tellurim team. So, I have started exploring and I would love to confer here. I can say, this will shake up the Test Automation process. I highly recommend Tellurium to any group that needs to develop a comprehensive suite of automated tests that can be easily run and interpreted.

Please click here for more. Please follow the blog to know much about Tellurium.