Are you still looking for a Test Automation Framework?

We all know, designing a framework is a tedious task. So, this time I came up with an article on new framework RedwoodHQ, a Tester friendly with many built-in features and allows you to automate and manage your tests very quick.

What is RedwoodHQ?
An Open source framework which supports Selenium, Appium and allows multiple users to design test cases and develop test scripts which can be written in a ubiquitous language and also allows you to execute them all using a friendly Web interface.
RedwoodHQ supports Java/Groovy, Python and C#.

Why should I use RedwoodHQ Framework?
Using this framework, a non-tech guy can automate using the keywords available while designing the test case itself. We don’t need any IDE to configure. I guess this can be used for Bigger and Smaller projects as well.

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Password Encryptor for Selenium Webdriver

By using this Password Encryptor, we can secure the password.Its so simple to Encrypt.

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How To Find Broken Links

There always a problem to find the broken links/Images present in the application.This post helps you to find the Broken links.And it captures all the valid links and invalid links in an Excel Sheet
Here i am using can be done in many ways too,This code can be used for any project though.

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How To Read Data From Excel

In case of DataDriven Concept,We have to Read Data from Excel sheets.This post helps you to Read Data from Excel files.

This is the Sample Test Data . Please improvise.

Click Here to Download TestData


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How To Handle Alerts Using Selenium WebDriver

There’s always a difficulty to handle Alerts in a Page.In that case we’ve to create a Method to handle alert and use Try and catch block.So that whenever an alert appears,it will handle.

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Database Testing Using Selenium

Generally We don’t have to Test entire database of our application.To my knowledge, We use Selenium to test the Database whether data given in the front end(UI) is as same as the data present in the Database(Back End).

Note: We don’t do negative testing in database.

Here i am using MySql to test the database.
You need to Download Java.sql jar and configure database in your system. I’ll explain database configuration in Upcoming posts.

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