Are you still looking for a Test Automation Framework?

We all know, designing a framework is a tedious task. So, this time I came up with an article on new framework RedwoodHQ, a Tester friendly with many built-in features and allows you to automate and manage your tests very quick.

What is RedwoodHQ?
An Open source framework which supports Selenium, Appium and allows multiple users to design test cases and develop test scripts which can be written in a ubiquitous language and also allows you to execute them all using a friendly Web interface.
RedwoodHQ supports Java/Groovy, Python and C#.

Why should I use RedwoodHQ Framework?
Using this framework, a non-tech guy can automate using the keywords available while designing the test case itself. We don’t need any IDE to configure. I guess this can be used for Bigger and Smaller projects as well.

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How to use Selenium Grid

Selenium Grid helped me a lot in Compatibility check (Multiple Browsers & Multiple Platforms).This is grid helps us to execute multiple instances of WebDriver in parallel which uses the same code base (code which is present in only one system), hence the code need NOT be present on the other system they execute. The selenium-server-standalone includes Hub, WebDriver, and Selenium RC to execute the scripts in grid.

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Test Case Grouping using TestNG ‘Groups’ Annotations

TestNG allows us to group several tests together. You can group certain tests based on what behavior/aspect they are actually testing. You may have a scenario where few tests belong to a certain group(say Regression) and other ones belong to other group(say Sanity) and yet another one belong to other group(say Login). With this approach you may decide to execute only certain group of test and skip other ones(let’s say there was a regression on related code, so we prefer to only execute Sanity related tests).The group test is a new innovative feature in TestNG, it doesn’t exist in Junit framework

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Browser Compatibility Testing using Selenium and TestNG

Cross Browser Testing : Is  to check that your web application works as expected in different browsers.If we are using Selenium WebDriver, we can automate test cases using Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari browsers.To execute test cases with different browsers in the same machine at same time we can integrate TestNG with Selenium WebDriver.

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My First TestNG TestCase

A TestNG testsuite comprises of number of tests. A TestNG  ‘test’ comprises of one or more classes, and a TestNG class consists of multiple ‘Test Methods’.

Here i’m sharing a sample code for the following testcases.

Testcase 1 : Verifying Sign-On link

Testcase 2 : Get the source code

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How to use Dataprovider Annotation in Selenium TestNG

If you want to provide the test data, the DataProvider way, then we need to declare a method that returns the data set in the form of two dimensional object array Object[][]. The first array represents a data set whereas the second array contains the parameter values.
The @Test method that wants to receive data from this DataProvider needs to use a dataProvider name equals to the name of this annotation.
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Generate Customized ExcelReports Using TestNG in Selenium

There are many ways to Generate Reports in Selenium. Now I’d like to generate an excel reports. This report will give you the number test cases has been Passed and Failed or Skipped. It’s quite simple to generate this report. All you need to do is just giving a Proper Name and Destination Path (if you’re using the latest jar 4.0.1).

Note: TestNG is required. Without testNG this code won’t work.
There are few steps to be followed to generate Excel Reports. Here I am sharing the snippet.


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How To Find Broken Links

There always a problem to find the broken links/Images present in the application.This post helps you to find the Broken links.And it captures all the valid links and invalid links in an Excel Sheet
Here i am using can be done in many ways too,This code can be used for any project though.

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